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Mig33 Credit Expiry (UPDATE)

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Migpower Founder

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PostSubject: Mig33 Credit Expiry (UPDATE) Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:30 pm

Project Goth, Inc.
mig33 Terms of Use

We, Project Goth, Inc., provide you with the mig33
website, the mig33 software, and the mig33 services only in accordance
with these Terms of Use (the "Agreement"). By using the mig33 website,
downloading the mig33 software or using the mig33 services, you
represent and warrant that you have read and understood and agree to be
bound by the terms of this Agreement.


1.1. Services Provided. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, we may provide you with the mig33 website at www.mig33.com, as well as with certain connectivity software and services as may be made available by us from time to time.

1.2. Requirements.
You acknowledge that: (a) in order to use the mig33 software and
services you must have a mobile phone that is compatible with our
services (refer to www.mig33.com
for details); (b) you are responsible for ensuring that suitable
wireless coverage for data transmission services is available in the
area(s) in which you intend to use the services; and (c) the
availability and performance of the mig33 software and services is
dependent on the memory, storage and other limitations of your mobile
phone as well as the quality and speed of your connection with your
wireless carrier.

1.3. Prohibited Actions.
You shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations and refrain
from violating any third-party rights in connection with this
Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you must
not: (a) use the mig33 website, software, or services to, or in any way
that would, violate any applicable law or regulation, any contract
(including, without limitation, wireless service contracts), or any
other third-party rights; (b) violate, interfere with, damage or
compromise the mig33 website, software, or service, or any other
person's copy of the mig33 software or their mobile phone; (c) remove
any proprietary notices from the mig33 software or any copies thereof;
(d) cause, permit or authorize the modification, creation of derivative
works, translation, or copying of the mig33 software; (e) sell,
sublicense, assign, rent, lease, act as a service bureau, or grant
rights in the mig33 website, software, or services to any other person
except with our prior written consent and/or pursuant to the provisions
of Section 5 regarding our Merchant Program; (f) decompile,
disassemble, reverse engineer, or hack the mig33 website or software,
or circumvent any encryption, technical protection or security methods
implemented by us with respect to the mig33 website or software and/or
data transmitted, processed or stored by us or by other users, except
to the extent expressly permitted by mandatory provisions of applicable
law that cannot be contractually derogated from, but then only with 30
days' prior written notice to us; or (g) attempt to do anything or
induce or enable others to do or attempt to do anything prohibited by
this Section 1.3.

1.4. Prohibited Content.
Without limiting the generality of Section 1.3 hereof, you must not
use, or knowingly or negligently allow any other person to use, the
mig33 website, software, or services to develop, generate, transmit or
store information that: (a) infringes any person's intellectual
property or other proprietary rights; (b) is defamatory, harmful,
abusive, obscene or hateful; (c) in any way obstructs or otherwise
interferes with the normal performance of another person's use of the
website, software, or service; (d) is an unsolicited commercial
communication not permitted by law; (e) constitutes harassment,
nuisance or a violation of privacy or threatens anyone; (f)
impersonates any other person, or steals or assumes any person's
identity (whether a real identity or online nickname or alias); (g) is
prohibited under applicable law; or (h) may jeopardize the operation of
a phone network or knowingly or negligently allow any other person to
do so. We assume no liability for the content of any message or any
other communication or response submitted by you or any other person
through our services or otherwise and you shall indemnify and hold
harmless us and our affiliates, related bodies corporate, officers,
directors, employees, agents, and service providers (collectively, our
"Related Parties") from any loss or damage we or our Related Parties
may suffer as a result of such message, communication or response. We
reserve the right, but are under no obligation, to monitor content
transmitted through our website, software, or service, and reserve the
right to prevent transmission of content that we deem illegal,
infringing, or otherwise inappropriate.


2.1. Account Tied to Mobile Number.
The account you are opening by accepting this Agreement is tied to the
mobile phone number you enter during the sign-up process. If your
mobile phone number changes you must establish a new account to be able
to use the mig33 services from that new number. Your account is not
transferable between mobile phone numbers.

2.2. Credits. You can load credits onto your account through any of the accepted payment methods described on www.mig33.com.
Credits are used to pay for the charges described in Section 3. Credits
are non-refundable and cannot be converted into or redeemed for cash.

2.3. Credit Expiration.

Current terms.
If you do not incur any activity for using the services for a period of
30 days, any credit balance on your account will expire.
New terms, effective 30 October 2008, GMTAny credit balance in your account that has aged 90 days or more from the date of acquisition will expire.

2.4. Users with Several Accounts.
If you have more than one account we may, at our option, suspend or
terminate all of your accounts with us if you are in breach of your
obligations under this Agreement with respect to any account. If you
are in arrears in payment of any of your accounts, we may recover any
amounts outstanding on any of your accounts from any of your other
accounts that have credit balances.

2.5. Updating Information.
You must notify us of any change in your address or other details you
supply us. If we ask you for information about you or your account for
the purpose of operating the service, you must provide it to us.


3.1. mig33 Charges. Our price list (which may be updated from time to time) is available on www.mig33.com
and contains all charges for our services. You are responsible for all
charges on your mig33 account, regardless of whether or not they were
incurred by you personally, unless you can demonstrate that the charges
were incurred by an unauthorized person after you have requested that
we suspend your account due to loss or theft of your mobile phone
and/or account information and we have confirmed in writing that we
have processed your request.

3.2. Negative Balances.
In order to use our services, your account must have a sufficient
credit balance. If you have a negative balance on your account due to
credit card chargebacks or for any other reason, we may, at our option,
either send you a bill for your use of our services or deduct the
amount owed from your credit balance when you next recharge your
account or from the credit balance on any other account held by you. In
the interim, we may suspend your account. If we send you a bill and you
do not pay the bill by the due date, we may terminate the Agreement
immediately pursuant to Section 10. You agree to reimburse us for any
costs we incur in recovering any overdue amounts from you.

3.3. Wireless Carrier Charges.
In addition to any mig33 charges, you are responsible for any payments
to your wireless carrier to enable you to use our services and/or any
charges by your wireless carrier resulting from the use of our services.

3.4. Taxes.
You are responsible for, and agree to pay or reimburse us for, any and
all taxes incurred in connection with your use of our services.


4.1. Limited License to mig33 Software.
Subject to your compliance with this Agreement, we grant you a
personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicenseable, non-assignable,
royalty-free license to download, install and use the mig33 software on
one mobile phone for your sole use and for the sole purpose of using
the mig33 services and not for any other purpose.

4.2. Retention of Rights.
We retain all intellectual property rights (including, without
limitation, rights protected by laws relating to copyright, patents,
trade secrets and trademarks) relating to the mig33 website, software,
and services, the design or operation thereof, any modification or
enhancements thereto, and any other technical information relating to
the provision thereof ("Intellectual Property Rights"). You must not do
anything that would jeopardize, damage, limit or interfere with our
Intellectual Property Rights or our interest in them. No license is
granted under this Agreement except the limited licenses pursuant to
Sections 4.1 and 5.2 hereof.


5.1. Merchant Program Features.
You have the option, at no additional charge, to register for our
Merchant Program. If you are registered for our Merchant Program, you
will receive a discount on mig33 credits per our current price list
and may freely transfer credit balances on your accounts to other users
and/or convert your credit balances, in whole or in part, into vouchers
and pre-paid cards.

5.2. Limited Trademark License.
If you are registered for our Merchant Program, we grant you a
personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicenseable, non-assignable,
royalty-free license to use the mig33 name and associated images
(collectively, the "Licensed Mark") solely for the purpose of selling
and offering for sale credit balances, vouchers, and/or prepaid cards
for third parties in your own name and for your own account, and for no
other purpose. In using the Licensed Mark, you agree that you will not
purport or imply that you are our employee, partner, joint venturer,
authorized representative, or otherwise in a position to make legally
binding statements or declarations on our behalf.

5.3. Regulatory Compliance.
Without limiting the generality of Section 1.3(a) hereof, you agree to
monitor and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements imposed
by your jurisdiction or any other jurisdiction with respect to your
participation in the Merchant Program, including, but not limited to,
any requirement to obtain a license as a reseller of telecommunications

11.11. Prevailing Language.
The English language version of this Agreement shall be controlling in
all respects and shall prevail in case of any inconsistencies with
translated versions, if any.

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Copyright 2007 Project Goth, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Small mind discuss people;

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PostSubject: Re: Mig33 Credit Expiry (UPDATE) Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:35 pm

yes sister foxcy I login in migbeta and the msgs. that flash can be
counted in my fingers.....

and I didn't expect that the complete detail above is wow.....(amazed) Very Happy

thank you very much sister foxcy for that complete detail....... Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

truly yours,
bro filtercrush bom
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Mig33 Credit Expiry (UPDATE)

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